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The Daily Top 10 Model Impression Stocks

Daily S&P 500 Performance + Application of the S&P 500 Model Impressions = Proven S&P 500 Index Outperformance.

Kelly Horak's over 11 years’ experience (over 26 total including mortgage banking) working on financial equity markets/models have provided him with an in-depth knowledge, and specialization of the behavior of stocks under many market conditions. The relentless and rigorous model data collection techniques, observations and strategies have evolved to a point of great reliability and conclusiveness, and therefore he created a wholly owned subsidiary of Dovewood Capital, LLC, to apply all of his learnings to a business-oriented financial website (www.stockimpression.com) that focuses on providing the model’s top (10 stocks) daily model impression stocks. 

The results have been consistent, reliable, and conclusive enough to the point where he is comfortable sharing this data with others and he is very confident he will be successful as it has just recently launched.

His goal is to succeed every day, and to outperform the S&P 500 Index consistently (100% of the time) by a large margin. He is currently beating the Index 78% of the time by an average margin of +54 BPS, but he fully believes he can consistently achieve +100 BPS margin.

This is a great challenge he realizes, however it’s one that he is very passionate about, and that is what drives his entrepreneurial spirit each day, and will not stop until he achieves his objectives.

The Daily Top 10 Model Impression Stocks are selected each trading day (post market close) undergoing a rigorous & thorough performance analysis utilizing our proprietary, time-tested modeling methodologies including performance over time under various S&P 500 market conditions (stress testing each stock). 

What we found is a great deal of probability could be extrapolated from the model's design based on numeric sequencing.  Each stock is assigned a ranking based on several performance attributes, then the stocks are tracked by their unique rank order over time (several years) resulting in a highly probable & predictable movement from the prior day to the next day.  

We have concluded the results are very reliable, consistent & conclusive, outperforming the S&P 500 78% (win rate)  of the time, and providing an average daily return of +54 BPS over the S&P 500 Index.  We measure model effectiveness using 3 metrics: 1) Total Return (%), 2) Avg. Daly Return (%) and 3) Win Rate % (rate at which the model outperforms the Index) over a 10-day moving average basis.

The Daily S&P 500 Model Impression Stock Rankings

Daily S&P 500 Performance + Application of the S&P 500 Model Impressions = Proven S&P 500 Index Outperformance.

Dovewood Capital, LLC is a Finance Startup Company whose mission is to close the market participation gap by creating innovative solutions to complex market behaviors & interpretations, specifically risk anticipation, identification/recognition, impact/mitigation, and most importantly, illustrate/display all findings & conclusions in a manner in which all audiences can understand & benefit (educationally & informationally).

Kelly Horak has more than two decades of experience in various finance roles and industries, from mortgage banking and portfolio analytics, to business consulting and financial publishing. As the founder of Dovewood Capital LLC, he combines his passion and creativity for problem-solving, communicating, and leading with his expertise and skills in financial markets, operations, and data analysis.

Dovewood Capital's vision is to make finance friendly and empower people with economic knowledge and opportunities. The Company develops and publishes innovative models and reports that simplify the complexities of capital market behavior and provide engaging, educational, and informational content and services to their readers and clients. The Company also manages and grows the business operations and partnerships, leveraging its deep experience and vast network in the finance industry to ultimately reimagine the future of finance and transform it into a more accessible, transparent, and inclusive field.

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